The Bride Checklist

The wedding day fast approaches, and as you stumble and bustle about to get everything ready and prepared, you are probably not paying attention to your timetable on the very day. In fact, whilst you might remember to plan for the decorations, the invitations, the guest lists and everything else, it is quite common to make a timetable for yourself and the groom to get ready on the big day (unlike the general agenda, which you would probably have gone over many times). Therefore, sit down and take a few minutes off your busy schedules to ensure that you will be able to get ready in time for the wedding’s start!To begin with, make sure the room is not hot – air conditioner is preferred.

You wouldn’t want to sweat all throughout the preparations after all! With this checked, the first thing you should do is leave time to do your hair and face – most wedding gowns have to be put on from the bottom, and you would not want to have them smudged with makeup or anything! You will probably be employing a most wanted for special occasions  the mobile hair and makeup service, so you can expect the artist to be with you at the location, but make sure to at least two hours for the preparations (more is always better – there will undoubtedly be delays after all). Remember to also put on deodorants, perfume and other necessities such as sunscreen and insect repellents (depending on the location of course). The artist will also put on your veil and adjust it properly, as it can be considered part of your hairdo

Next, after the wedding hair and makeup is complete, you can start putting on your clothes. Naturally, begin with the underwear and pantyhose (if you wear them), but before wearing the gown, you might want to put on your footwear – this will save you the need of bending over with a cumbersome gown, and will be especially helpful if you have picked a gown with a long train. You might want to put on the jewellery first, but most will put these after they have put on the gown to ensure better placement and prevent any damage to the gown. Right before putting on the gown, however, you can take some time for the final preparations.

This includes a final trip to the toilet, as well as some re-energizing food or drink, such an energy bar or drink, or a sandwich. Once this is complete too, and you are sure you are done with everything else, you can start putting on the gown. If this goes over your head, you will be needing a makeup saver, but otherwise, you should be fine. Leave enough time for the accessories, laces, buttons and other extras that will need to be attended to on the gown.

With this, you’re done, and it’s time to open the door and face the biggest day of your lifetime!