Maintaining Your Hair Extensions

Beautiful hair is wanted by all girls and it’s everybody’s dream to have voluminous hair. You can turn this dream into reality if you opt for hair extensions. But, you have to care for hair extensions, so that it remains in a good state after a couple of weeks. 

Things to be known – You can use a brush to comb your hair. For brushing your hair extensions, you can choose a loop brush and not any brush of any type. It is recommended to brush your hair extensions in a downward way. At first, begin to comb your hair’s end and then brush the roots of your hair. After that, you must spray on your tape in or clip in hair extensions Australia along with a glossifier, so that your hair can get a silky and great finish. It is said that you can brush your hair extensions for about 2 to 3 times each and every day. 

Another tip – You must brush your hair extensions, whether tape hair extensions or clip in or weft, before washing it. You must make use of a shampoo as well as a conditioner that is always perfect for your damaged or dry hair. This will keep your hair extensions moisturized and it will look more beautiful for countless days. It is suggested to apply shampoo and even conditioner in a downward way starting from the top to the end of your hair extensions. Keep in mind that it’s not at all right to twist, rub and scrub your hair. Shampoo your hair till your hair becomes clean. After that, rinse your hair with warm water only. Then, you must apply conditioner and keep it for at least 5 minutes. But, keep in mind that it’s not right to use conditioner on your bond and scalp area. Gently use a towel to soak water from your hair. You can dry your hair with the help of a hair dryer, but in a lower setting. To get more positive results, you can make use of an ionic hairdryer too. Visit 

Tips to be kept in mind – It is not right to rub or twist your hair while drying it. If you do it, then you will tangle your hair in a bad way and it will not look smooth when you will go outdoors. You must try hard to dry that portion of hair extensions, which is linked to your natural hair. If you don’t dry this area, your hair extensions may slip from your hair. It is advisable to brush your hair extensions before sleeping at night.